I am a tenant living in the estate and I was asked to pay estate dues. Shouldn’t the dues be paid by my landlord?

A The yearly dues should be paid by the residents because it is for the maintenance of security within the estate. The resident may be a landlord, landlady or tenants. The levies – development levies, special levies, Transformer levy are paid by the landlord. The levies are for infrastructural development which will impact directly on the value of the property, therefore your landlord should pay those.


Who or what qualifies a person for the estate stickers

A For you to buy the estate stickers, you must have paid the yearly/ monthly dues, and your landlord must have paid the necessary levies. Please note that these levies to be paid by the tenants if the landlord has not paid, the tenant can then be reimbursed by the landlord later.


I’m new in the estate, how do I qualify for the stickers and how long before the stickers expires

All information concerning the CDA and its activities are available at the CDA office by Jubilee Gate, End of Aina Akingbala Street between the hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm Mondays to Saturdays .The Stickers expires every quarter of the year. The duration of the sticker is usually written on it.


I live in the estate but I travel often, how can I know when the stickers has expired and is there a way arrangements can be made for the purchase of the current one so that I can have access to the estate when I return.


The CDA is doing everything within its power to make theses processes easier and more convenient. This is one of the reasons why we launched our website – www.omolephase2.com  while away; you can keep up to date on matters in the estate. Please always try to remember that the sticker expires every quarter. For now, on your return, please come to the CDA Office and obtain the current sticker. We may in the near future, be able to put in a place a secure e – payment system that will give people like you a more convenient access


For other Administrative issues, you can contact the Admin Officer

Mr Okey Odibie

CDA Office:  - Jubilee Gate, end of Aina Akingbala Street

Telephone: 234(0) 8032753360

E mail: admin@omolephase2.com