Celebration and appreciation are desires of every man, people wants to be celebrated and appreciated, but all these doesn’t come on a platter of Gold, you can’t be celebrated unless you are a success.

Success has many family members, people tends to move closer and  be associated with those that are successful  while the reverse case is that of failure, you don’t expect people to associate with failure.

If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail and when you fail, you will have yourself to blame, but if you succeed you will be happy you did, the pains you passed through on your way to success will no longer matter.

For you to succeed, you must acknowledge the supreme being which is GOD, know that He is responsible for anything that happens to you, believe in him to take control of your life, in all your way acknowledge him and he will direct your path, put you heart desires to him in prayer, get to know him better and you are sure of a positive response. Be in tune with him and you will see him in action.

You then need to make it up in your mind that you want to succeed, change and adjust your mindset to success, always think of yourself as a success, even when things don’t go well as you expect, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Set attainable goals and objectives for yourselves: Academic goals, Financial goals, Marital goal even Spiritual goals, work towards it, do all your possible best to get them achieved within the set time frame. In 2,5,10 years, where do you want to be? What would you have achieved?

Remember where your parents were able to reach, you know what they passed through and I don’t think you too will like to pass through same, do all your possible best to succeed, your parents has tried their best and now left to you to go beyond where they stopped which is always the prayer of a good parent, you need to complement your parents’ effort and move ahead. They should always be proud of you.

Know that you were created for success and that you must succeed; there are a lot of destinies attached to yours. Add values to yourself, acquire more knowledge that will give you an edge over others, be of multiple competences, aspire to know more and believe me, one day they will be useful.

Avoid people that will distract your attention on your way to success, avoid people who will discourage you saying: Nobody as ever done it in our family and so you can’t to it. Believe in yourself and move closer with those that will encourage you, for Iron sharpens Iron.

The road to success is not smooth, you will experience some discouraging moments, you can’t even think about quitting. Even when you fail, remember you destination, make sure you rise up and forge ahead, take notes of those stumbling stones, they form part of your experiences in life, improve on them. Don’t quit because quitters never win.

I know you will be a success, if you desire it; you can be what you want to be, if only you work hard in it. Don’t be like a General who has never experience war. It might not be easy but know that people have achieved it and yours should not be an exception. Work out your success, if it has to be, it’s up to you. Stand up and do something.